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Dream Genie pregnancy pillow



Dream Genie pregnancy pillow. The accessory every mum-to-be needs, this Dreamgenii® Pregnancy Pillow helps while sleeping, feeding and giving support before and after baby. Designed to be used from 20 weeks on, the Dreamgenii pillow moulds itself around your bump to provide the optimum comfort while sleeping, as well as acting as a feeding pillow once your baby is born. If you are looking for a gift for a mother-to-be this is a present that you can not go wrong with. Key Features:

Aids a restful sleep.
Supports your bump, back and knees.
Helps you to lie on your left side, the best position for you and your baby.
Prevents you rolling onto your back during sleep.
Encourages maximum blood flow between mother and baby whilst you sleep.
Helps you to achieve optimal foetal positioning.
Doubles as a feeding support pillow.
Recommended by midwives.
Removeable Pillow Cover Included (Machine wash cover only at 40°C)

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