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Note: All costs include VAT. Postage costs are agreed directly between Buyer and Seller. All costs are equal to or less than 10% of your sale price. These fees are required to maintain this website and improve the service we are providing. We are so grateful for your custom and look forward to seeing you again.

To demonstrate that safety is as much as a priority for us as you our Buyers; we will not be selling the following items on our website:

  • Car Seats
  • Baby mattresses
  • Breast Pumps

We will also check each item for product recall so this is highlighted on any items for sale on our website.

Tips on How to Photograph and Price your Baby Items

Photographing your items

When photographing your items use:

  • Natural light only – don’t use flash if possible
  • Plain or white background
  • A 1:1 setting on your camera to take a square photo
  • Organic images. Do not add filters to pictures.

Its also important to ensure:

  • That the quality of the item is obvious in the photo. Quality is our priority so please ensure you clean your baby item or iron your clothes before taking photos.
  • You take photos of any flaws with the item you are selling. We don’t want your buyer to have any unwanted surprises.
  • If selling clothes please take straight down shots. If selling clothes bundles ensure you take photos of bundles but also individual clothes items also.
  • If selling baby items please take photos from different angles as its important your buyer can see all parts of the item you are selling.

Pricing your items

When pricing your item think about:

  • Did you buy your item brand new and is it still in good condition? If so you can generally ask for 40% of retail price.
  • What is the condition of your item?
  • What are similar items being sold for on our website?

Need help?

Finally, if you need any help at all please don’t hesitate to reach out to us @ReBorn Ireland. We are always happy to help.

IMPORTANT: ReBorn is not a party to the transaction between the buyer and the seller and the seller is responsible for queries or issues in relation to the sale of baby items.

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